First Dates: Three Things You Should Never Reveal!

We've all done it - had one too many glasses of good wine on a first date and started opening up wa-a-a-y too much about ourselves. No one needs to know about your past bad relationships before they even decide whether they want to askus out for date #2. They also don't need to know about childhood illnesses, college daliances or father issues.

So, I stumbled across these tips on topics that are off limit if you want to avoid having your date leave skidmarks as he peels away from the curb following your first date.

Here are three types of information you should feel in no rush to discuss too readily:

Your deepest, darkest secrets.
Everyone has something lurking in their past they are not proud of, ranging from merely embarrassing to possibly incriminating. It is tempting, in the first euphoric weeks of dating, to play relationship “Truth or Dare,” to demonstrate your seriousness or transparency. It is advisable to save those incendiary revelations for safer times down the road when you know each other better.

Your romantic history.
Eventually, you both could have a legitimate claim to details like why past relationships ended or if you’ve been engaged before. But until you are ready to move the relationship toward greater exclusivity and commitment, beware of the potential for misunderstanding and other unintended consequences if you reveal too much.

Your money matters.
Many people in our society draw conclusions about others based on their income, investments, family wealth (or poverty), and so on. You want to be evaluated on who you are—your personality, beliefs, ambitions—not your income-generating potential. Sometime later, when your relationship is further along, you and your partner will likely talk openly about finances. But in the early stages, use discretion.

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Remote Control Wars

Few things try relationships as much as control issues. When I say control, I mean control of the television remote. It's a daily battle in my household and I'm sure I'm not alone.

You see, my fiance loves to hold onto the remote. The only problem is he's a channel surfer. As soon as I get interested in whatever show, documentary or news program that he randomly lands on, he turns to something else. But that's not the worse offense.

The worse is his total denial of ever falling asleep. He dozes off and still absolutely will not relenquish control of the remote. He refuses to admit that he is asleep, despite snoring loudly through whatever program we are attempting to watch.

I love him dearly, but I want to choke the life out of him when he does that.

What is it about men and the remote control? Are they less of a man if they allow their woman to touch it? Is it an extension of their penises or just a sign of complete selfishness?

The biggest question of all: Can I seriously marry a man who won't even share the remote control with me?